Paulina Fae


Paulina creates magical creatures born of intuition and imagination. Her designs are a glimpse into realities that seem far away, yet are closer than they may seem. Her works have been collected worldwide for over 30 years.

Born in Guelph, Ontario, Canada, she reflects, "my kind-hearted imaginary monster wasn't imaginary afterall. I've been drawing ever since I can remember, and alternate worlds/dimensions have always been real and close by. Take the dreamworld, which is a journey into another realm. It's about bringing back bits and pieces of the ethereal planes and translating this information into the form of art and song. Creativity carries the core signature of emotion, and at its heart is the infinite drive of love and curiosity."

Paulina has been creating tarot and oracle card decks since 2007 (known as Paulina Cassidy). “The tarot is an idea generator, and a guide in conscious decision-making. It's a divination tool for accessing innate knowledge."

A songwriter and Projekt Records artist, Paulina composes and produces music under the nom de plume of Polly Fae. Her audio catalogue includes five full-CD Projekt releases and four self-released CDs. Visit for her music catalogue.  

An intuitive/psychic, Paulina has always been consciously connected to alternate realms. Having communicated with spirit beings since childhood, her increasing association to worlds that thrive beyond the 3D is part of who she is, and continues to become. Her insights and experiences are often reflected in her work.

She and her husband Kevin live in Chattanooga, Tennessee, with their feline furbabies, Mortimer and Aurora, and their spirit kitty, Lilith.