Paulina Fae

Welcome to The Musings Gallery! This is the place you'll find old and new Paulina art that isn't housed in the Print Emporium.

To purchase Musings Gallery prints, please select from the options (and include the print name in the shopping-cart text box). Prints in an 8x10" matt are signed; mats are white. Unmatted 8x10" prints are unsigned. If you'd like to request prints in a size not in the options, contact:

name of print

'Warden of Octopi'

'Three Maidens of Autumn'

'Autumn Lullaby'

'The Bratty Burr Faerie'


'Ariel Amberlight'

'Floating Through Nights'


'Bare Akin'

'Bare Anise'

'Bare Begonia'

'Bare Bramble'

'Blue Shiver'

'Bright-Eyed & Fishy-Tailed'

'Butterfly Dreamers'

'Cat People'

'Ursuline the Bat'

'Cheshire Cat on the Moon'

'Green Cicada'

'Clockwork Frog'

'Doing the Happy Dance'

'Dreaming in the Clover'


'Enter Galactic' (Bowie tribute)


'Fennec Fox and Three Pixies'


'Filles de la Carnivale'


'Cheshire Cat in a Mad Hat'




'Floating Witch in Blue'

'Floating Witch in Red'

'Flowers in December'

'Galienne and the Ghost-O-Lantern'

'Grimm Apprehension'


'Gypsie of the Lunar Sea'

'Healing the Wounded Dove'

'Hello Mr Cardinal'

'Hiding Place'


'Kalos Irtes'

'In the Midnight Garden'


'Little Owl and Skull'

'The Star' (from the AFP Tarot)

'Madeleine and the March Hare'

'Love Vows'

'Magick Happens: Owl'



'Mama and Son Rabbits with Poppies'

'The Memory of Water'


'Mermaid in the Morning Fog'

'Miss Heebeehoot'

'Mistletoe Magick'

'Night of the Fireflies'


'Mr. Nibiru'

'Green Luna Moth'

'Moonlight Whispers'

'Parasol Witch in Blue'

'Parasol Witch in Red'


'Pixie Skunk'

'The Presencia Woods Ball'

'Cat On the Wat to Royal Street'


'Samhain Approacheths'

'Sassafras the Pixie Fox'

'The Shapeshifter's Visitation'

'Mama's Little Pumpkins'


'Winston and Belfry'

'Whispers on the Wind'

'Victorian Ghost Investigator'


© Paulina Fae