Paulina Fae



Purchasing instructions: email title/size selections as well as country of residence to: and we will contact you with a Paypal invoice.

Prints are matted and signed with signature on the mat. Mats are white.  

Small: $12 (5x7" matted to 8x10")

Large: $24 (8x10" matted to 11x14") 

A selection of Paulina's art prints are also available for immediate purchase in her Etsy Shop.

Shipping: $5 flat fee within the US. International shipping runs higher (approx $24) and will vary by location/package weight. Prepared and shipped in Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA. Packages within the US include a tracking number.

The Ballet Tree

'The Ballet Tree'

Magickalius Momentus

'Magickalius Momentus'

By the Next Full Moon

'By the Next Full Moon'

Serpent Speak

'Serpent Speak'

Rabbit Beneath a Starry Sky

'Rabbit Beneath a Starry Sky'

Constellation Kitty

'Constellation Kitty'

Lady LaRouge

'Lady LaRouge'

'Lady Lilou Dupois'

Little Black Kitten on Shroom Fae

'Little Black Kitten on Shroom Fae'

Dancing Pixie Fox

'Dancing Pixie Fox'

Fennec Fox Fae

'Fennec Fox Fae'

Autumn Foxling

'Autumn Foxling'

Night-Blooking Fox

'Night-Blooming Fox'

'Lilac Pixie Fox'

Starlight Heron

'Starlight Heron'

Chimera Deerling

'Chimera Deerling'

Stardust Epiphany

'Stardust Epiphany'

Dancing With Dionysus

'Dancing With Dionysus'

Strawberry Wine Harlot

'Cherry Wine Harlot'

Cherry Wine Harlot

'Strawberry Wine Harlot'

Blueberry Wine Harlot

'Blueberry Wine Harlot'

La Cheveche

'La Cheveche'



The Birdling

'The Birdling'

Emergence of the Water Dragon

'Emergence of the Water Dragon'

Red Sea Dragon of Good Fortune

'Red Sea Dragon of Good Fortune'

Clockwork Black Widow Spider

'Clockwork Black Widow Spider'



Afternoon Tea

'Afternoon Tea Faeries'



Samhain Royale

'Samhain Royale'

Double Trouble Samhain Magick

'Double Trouble Samhain Spell'

Honeybee Secrets

'Honeybee Secrets'

Dreamland Finch

'Dreamland Finch'



Bluebird Davy

'Bluebird Davy'

Dreamland Cardinal

'Dreamland Cardinal'

Pepper DuPree and Her Spellwork Tea

'Pepper Dupree and Her Spellwork Tea'

Early Morning Card Reading

'Early Morning Card Reading'

LIttle Messengers

'Little Messengers'

Pixie Elephant and Honeybee

'Pixie Elephant and Honeybee'

Pixie Elephant

'Pixie Elephant'

Ghost Wolves

'Ghost Wolves'

Green Absinthe Faerie

'The Green Absinthe Faerie (La Fee Verte)'

Full Moon Absinthe

'Full Moon Absinthe'

Always Time For Tea

'Always Time For Tea'

Dum Dee Dum

'Dum Dee Dum (Wonderland)'

Alice in New Orleans

'Alice in New Orleans (Flamingos)'

Wondering Alice

'Wondering Alice'

Floating Over Wonderland

'Floating Over Wonderland'

Alice's Trip to Cheshire

'Alice's Trip to Cheshire'

Three Little Space Cats on Mushrooms

'Three Little Space Cats on Mushrooms'

Tigerlily Tigerbaby

'Tigerlily Tigerbaby'

Pixie Fox Fritterweb

'Fritterweb Pixie Fox'

If You Only Walk Far Enough

'If You Only Walk Long Enough (Wonderland)'

Asleep in the Poppies

'Asleep in the Poppies'

Warmth of Summer Snow

'The Warmth of Summer Snow (Six Impossible Things)'

Charm of the Sea Witch

'Charm of the Sea Witch'

Treasure Maiden of the Sea

'Treasure Maiden of the Sea'

The Cowardly Lion

'The Cowardly Lion'

Walking the Gargoyle

'Walking the Gargoyle'


'Bat Rider'

Carnivale de les Souls

'Carnivale de les Souls'


'Harmony Faerie'

Smoky Cheshire Cat

'Smoky Cheshire Cat (all made here)'

Starry White Cheshire Cat

'Starry White Cheshire Cat (all mad here)'

Moth to the Flame

'Moth to the Flame'

Faerie Mother

'Faerie Mother'


Dance of the Fairlight Faerie

'Dance of the Fairlight Faerie'

The Lights of Mabon

'The Lights of Mabon'



Solar Wolf

'Solar Wolf'

A Whale Tale

'A Whale Tale'

The Owl Garden

'The Owl Garden'

In Search of Peter Pan

'In Search of Peter Pan (second star)'

Sugar Wingshiver

'Sugar Winshiver'


© Paulina Fae