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Purchasing instructions: email title/size selections as well as country of residence to: and we will contact you with a Paypal invoice.

Prints are matted and signed with signature on the mat. Mats are white.  

Small: $12 (5x7" matted to 8x10")

Large: $24 (8x10" matted to 11x14") 

Space Cat Mabel

'Mabel the Calico Space Cat'

Brand New Hats for the Puppy and Cats

'Brand New Hats For the Puppy and Cats'

Three Witchy Cats

'Three Witchy Cats'

Mr. Sloth

'Mr. Sloth'

Sherlock Raven

'Sherlock Raven'

Cthulhu and Girl on a Llama

'Cthulu and Girl on a Llama'

Miss Moonfang

'Miss Moonfang'

Victorian Bat Dancers

'Victorian Bat Dancers'

The Company of Trees (Wintry Winds)

'In the Company of Trees (Wintry Winds)'

The Magic Pear Tree

'The Magic Pear'

Ancient Tree Magick

'Ancient Tree Magick'

Centuries of Stories to Be Told

'Centuries of Stories to Be Told'



Miss Ivy Von FIgg

'Miss Ivy Von Figg'

'Sod Off!'

Breathing the Pulse

'Breathing the Pulse'

Lilith Goddess

'Goddess Lilith'

Gypsie of the Lunar Sea

'Gypsie of the Lunar Sea'



Girl with Pumpkinflower

'Girl with Pumpkin Flower'

Grimella Blackrose

'Grimella Blackrose'

Miriam and Sir Percival

'Miriam and Sir Percival'

Moonlight Embrace

'Moonlight Embrace'

O Solitude Witch

'O Solitude'

Mommy Pumpkin

'Mommy Pumpkin'

Halloween Dreams

'Halloween Dreams'

 A Spooktacular Spectacle

'A Spooktacular Spectacle'

Twilight Earth

'Twilight Earth'

Wasabi Dragon


Dreaming Moon Elephant

'Dreaming Moon Elephant'

Keeper of the Lucky Sea Dragon

'Keeper of the Lucky Sea Dragon'

Nixie the Emerald Seahorse

'Nixie and the Emerald Seahorse'

Marisela and the Seahorse

'Marisela and the Seahorse'

Mermaid and White Octopus

'Mermaid and White Octopus'



Luminous Night Light

'Luminous Night Light'

Mushroom Tea

'Mushroom Tea'



Rabbit Girls With Tea

'Rabbit Girls With Tea'

I Do Vhat I Vant Bat

'I Do Vhat I Vant Bat'

Honeybee Halloween

'Honeybee Halloween'

Pumpkitty Witch

'Pumpkitty Witch'

Pelican Bones

'Pelican Bones'

Snowy Samhain Owl

'Snowy Samhain Owl'

Clockwork Frog

'Clockwork Frog'

On Time White Rabbit

'On Time (White Rabbit)'

Runaway Circus Twins

'Runaway Circus Twins'

Sebastien Screech

'Sebastien Screech's Moonlight Brew'

Queen Widowbeth

'Queen Widowbeth'

The Red Queen

'The Red Queen'



Spring Hare and Faeries

'Spring Hare and Faeries'

The Poetic Panther

'The Poetic Panther'

The Regal Rhino

'The Regal Rhino'

Snuggling in the Chilly Night Air

'Snuggling in the Chilly Night Air'

Whispers on the Wind

'Whispers on the Wind'

Reverie in Blue

'Reverie in Blue'

The Sapling and the Deepboy

'The Sapling'

Sapling and Hothouse Bird

'The Sapling and the Hothouse Bird'

Sitting With a Little Owl

'Sitting With a Little Owl'

The Valentine Messenger

'The Valentine Messenger'

Spider Kisses Witch

'Spider Kisses Witch'

Time Flies

'Time Flies'

Song of the Raven

'Song of the Raven'

The Prophecy Rabbits

'The Prophecy Rabbits'

Cypress and Stardust

'Cypress and Stardust'

O'er Sacred Ground

'O'er Sacred Ground'

Running Through Emerald City

'Running Through Emerald City'

'The Moonbird Lady'

Opium Oz

'Opium Oz'

Gothic Oz

'Gothic Oz'

Riding on a Sporiad Bird

'Riding a Sporiad Bird'

Planet Hopping on a Space Bird

'Planet Hopping on a Space Bird'

© Paulina Fae