Paulina Fae



Purchasing instructions: email title/size selections as well as country of residence to: and we will contact you with a Paypal invoice.

Prints are matted and signed with signature on the mat. Mats are white.  

Small: $12 (5x7" matted to 8x10")

Large: $24 (8x10" matted to 11x14") 

'Such a Lovely Night For a Walk'

'Moonlight and Merlot'

'Trick or Treating in Style'

'Mr. Stiltz'


'So Good to See You, Ms. Pumpkin'





'Cheshire Cat on the Moon'

'Cheshire Cat in a Mad Hat'

'Green Cicada'

'Pumpkin Treats'

'Ophira Mermaid'

'Realm of the Spellseeker'

'Trancing Through Dreamspace'

'Dreamworker Deerling'


'Jezebelle (Never Dim Your Light)'

'Marionette (Pretend to Be Normal)'


'Floating Through Nights'

'Willow Whisp'

The Goblin King and Black Cat'

'Look For the Drifters'

'Dreamtime Ground Control'

'Dreaming My Life'

'Here We Are One Magical Moment'


'Hector the Bat'

'Eduard the Brave Bat'

'A Kiss For Each Little Dragon'

'Jester Cat'

'Mardi Gras Cat'

'The Purrfect Pumpkin'

'Ladies of the French Quarter'

'La Femme of the French Quarter'

'Lady Samhain'

'Cat People'

'The Luminous Return'





'Le Meow Siamese Cat'

'Trick or Treat Owl with Feather Mask'

'Trick or Treat Owl with Striped Mask'

'Oak Tree Boy'

'Rowan Tree Girl'

'Apple Tree Girl'

'Tresses and Tentacles Twins'

'Red Fox and Green Pixie'


'Space Cat Rex'

'Meow Magick'

'Star-tailed Space Cat'

'The Warden of Octopi'

'Blue Shiver'


'Space Cat Family'

'Kooky Crazy Kitty Cat'

'Space Cat Siblings'

'Vampiress Sophie de Boursier'

'Realm of the Raven'

'A Secret Arrival'

'Surprise Bat'

'Trick or Treat?


'Ariel Amberlight'

'The Shapeshifter's Visitation'


'My Crowd'

'The Trick or Treater Gang'

'The Trick or Treater Gang 2'

'Vampiress Bat Lucille'

'Moon Lion'

'Space Otter'

© Paulina Fae